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  • Belmont Behavioral HealthBelmont Behavioral Health System is a leader in integrated healthcare, setting a standard of excellence by providing services that accommodate the preferences of individuals served while appreciating the unique characteristics of each person. We are invested in community partnerships and community inclusion, and pride ourselves on providing successful transitions into the community. We boast professional growth and development, and life-long learning through our commitment to teaching and education.
  • Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital –  Since 1966, Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital has proudly offered unique and individualized programming that sets us apart from many other behavioral hospitals. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, effective behavioral health services with compassion and respect for patients and their families. We provide outreach services to families and members of the community by facilitating education and awareness about psychological issues and challenges faced by those overcoming emotional distress.Our approach is based on “Trauma-Informed Care,” a clinically sound therapeutic process which takes into consideration each patient’s life experiences and future needs to be successful. Where so many other facilities focus on just the illness, we strive to treat the “whole person.” We assist patients in acknowledging their past, confronting their present and planning for their future.
  • Child and Family FocusChild and Family Focus provides a continuum of mental health and supportive services that enhance the quality of life and relational well-being of youth and their families. Through our commitment to serve with excellence, we endeavor to provide and advocate for effective growth and positive change through least-restrictive family and community based settings.
  • Embark Behavioral HealthEmbark offers the country’s most robust continuum of premier services that can be tailored to your family’s needs. Our programs include in-home treatment, virtual coaching and counseling, outpatient clinics, wilderness therapy, short-term residential programs, long-term residential treatment, therapeutic boarding schools, and young adult transitional living options.
  • Horsham ClinicFor more than 60 years, The Horsham Clinic in Ambler, Pennsylvania has helped children, teens, adults and older adults manage and overcome a number of mental health issues at its 55-acre campus in suburban Philadelphia.  The Horsham Clinic is committed to providing quality behavioral healthcare services that effectively and efficiently meet the individual needs of every patient from the population we serve. We are committed to restoring every patient’s emotional well-being through interdisciplinary clinical programs and care that are provided by highly skilled professionals.


Substance Abuse and Treatment Facilities

  • Ethos TreatmentETHOS’ mission is to provide optimum intensive therapeutic interventions to overcome the barriers that individuals face to achieve long-term recovery. Through consistent support in a multifaceted treatment approach, ETHOS strives to provide a therapeutic setting for individuals to find their authentic selves free from substance use disorders.
  • Livengrin FoundationFor more than 50 years, Livengrin has earned a reputation as a respected, compassionate, and ethical alcohol and drug rehab facility in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our 119-bed, 44-acre campus in Bucks County houses a medically monitored detox center and comfortable residential treatment accommodations. Our medical staff consists of a physician, registered nurses and psychiatric nurse practitioners trained and experienced in the treatment of substance use disorders.
  • Malvern HealthWe provide services and supports that are fully integrated and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual, with a focus on assisting each person to live full, productive and self-empowered lives. Malvern’s treatment services offer a comprehensive continuum of care that vary between inpatient and ambulatory services. Our treatment services are designed to address the varying behavioral health needs of each individual who is struggling with a mental health or addiction concern. Our team of compassionate professionals utilize a recovery model which utilizes the strengths, resources, coping skills and support systems available to help the individual achieve their goals.


Mental Health Treatment Centers and Facilities

  • Center for Family Empowerment We know how hard it is to struggle and wonder if things will ever improve. We have dedicated our lives to helping children, teens, parents, and individuals feel more connected, feel more empowered, and find their light – the light that makes them shine as the amazing person they are.  We also know how hard it is to reach out and ask for help. Schedules are busy, commitments take over, and therapy can feel like just one more thing. We promise to do everything we can to make this journey as stress-free as possible.Having hope that things can get better is one of the biggest reasons why therapy is successful. If you or your child are feeling hopeless, we will carry the hope until you can do it on your own. We know that things can get better, and we’re so glad you’re here.
  • J. Snyder Therapeutic ServicesJ Snyder Therapeutic services is determined to ameliorate the effects of debilitating mental health symptoms that contribute to discontent, alienation, and an overall stunting of humanity’s creativity and productivity through the execution of quality treatments. Through the formation of a genuine therapeutic relationship, J Snyder Therapeutic services endeavors to recondition individuals so that wounds incurred by acquaintances and trusted peers, deleterious family influences, and adverse societal exposures cease blocking expansive strivings.
  • The Light Program The Light Program is a mental health treatment program that supports individuals in crisis or struggling to function on a regular basis. Our mental health Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospital Programs (PHP) consist of an initial individual session establishing person-centered treatment goals followed by regularly scheduled group and individual counseling sessions; individual and family sessions are provided on an as needed basis. A qualified therapist leads the counseling sessions and is trained to assist each client in meeting their personally pre-defined treatment goals.
  • Quintessential Health – Quintessential Health strives to provide the highest level of mental health and psychological services to our communities. We are committed to providing treatment to a diverse population in an empathetic and caring manner. We base our approaches in scientific evidence, and as such our clinicians utilize evidence based treatment approaches.  Quintessential Health values education and training. We consider ourselves a “teaching practice” and endeavor to provide the finest training experience to future psychologists and clinicians.  At Quintessential Health we believe that quality psychological treatment should be accessible to those in need. We are committed to advocating for accessible mental health treatment on a local and national level. We also seek out opportunities to provide accessible treatment to vulnerable and at risk populations.
  • Sanare Today – Sanare Today provides help and support for those hurting from depression, anxiety or addictions through our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient services, and coaching services (Thrive University). To learn more about our services, click here.
  • Seeds of HopeAt Seeds of Hope we believe in instilling hope that a person can become fully recovered from an eating disorder and be free from eating disorder thoughts and symptoms. We teach that eating disorders develop as a coping mechanism and a way to navigate life, and through this understanding we aim to teach our clients that they can heal their relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves. We believe in providing individualized care for each one of our clients, as the recovery process looks different for everyone. Clients are met where they are in this process and are provided with tools and an understanding of themselves to help choose a life free from disordered eating. Also, we understand how eating disorders come in various forms and believe that all those who deal with these symptoms are deserving of treatment.  While in treatment, clients are encouraged to develop their own sense of selves as a way to lessen the hold of their eating disorder and provide a feeling of autonomy in recovery. Staff help guide the client in identifying underlying causes of the eating disorder while also actively engaging in experiential and behavioral interventions to reduce anxiety around food. We help our clients find a more holistic definition of what “healthy” means to them and teach that there are no “good” or “bad” foods as a way to reduce shame that fuels eating disorder behaviors.
  • Recovery Centers of America – Recovery Centers of America was founded on the premise of providing superior addiction treatment, delivered by a team of expert professionals, in the comfort of a world-class facility local to you – so you can build a foundation for lasting recovery close to home.  

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