Success Stories

The patient has been in and out of mental health treatment, including inpatient and higher levels of care, since early teenage years stemming from a significant history of childhood trauma. She first came to J Snyder Therapeutic Services in spring of 2017 in hopes to secure a practice that would support her long term goals of mental health recovery. Since starting outpatient treatment at the practice, we have been able to offer her support throughout many stressful transitions in her life. She has endured changes in health insurance, employment and different living circumstances that could have impeded her ability to be consistent with treatment services. Stephen’s Rise & Grind non-profit has provided this patient with the opportunity of financial assistance in a time of hardship. The funds that were approved for her services helped decrease her financial stress so that she could focus on continuity of her care. Our practice continues to provide the patient the safe place to process her trauma, work on autonomy and individuation, and focus on everyday stability.

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